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Outdoor Fabric

Our softshell jackets are made from quality performance 3in1 fabric.

The outer stretch fabric is DWR finished, middle with TPU membrane ,inner boned with micro fleece, The fabric is waterproof, windproof and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable in all your outdoor adventures. The waterproof performance keeps the water out while the hydrophilic breathability system allows inner moisture to escape. The DWR outer fabric reinforces the waterproof quality and helps the water to run off while adding to the garments windproof performance.

It is suitable for out walking, camping, combing or wherever else your outdoor pursuits take you.

What is a Running Shirt ?

A running shirt is usually made of performance fabrics and designed for a maximum comfort while running. Many different types are manufactured in order to accommodate varying weather conditions, types of running, and personal preferences.

Some runners wear a normal, cotton t-shirt for running, particularly if they are occasional runners or just beginning in the sport. A running shirt has several advantages over a t-shirt, featuring to wick sweat away from skin, quick dry, anti-UV, anti- odor.

Most running shirts that are designed for summer months and warm temperatures feature sweat-wicking and odor-reducing fibers. Some also have built-in UV protection. Fabrics that include silver or ceramic fibers provide both anti-sweat and anti-odor properties. Antimicrobial fabrics are also designed to reduce odor.

The main goal of a winter running shirt is to be both warm and lightweight. Synthetic materials, such as polyester and fiber blends, are often used. There are also winter running shirts that include hoods or thumb holes in the sleeves to partially cover the hands. In especially cold weather, it is best to dress in layers, including at least a running shirt and a lightweight jacket made of nylon or another wind-resistant material.

Both men's and women's running shirts are available in long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, and tank styles. The fit of these garments ranges from loose to compression shirts, which fit very snugly. Neckline styles include mock necks for extra warmth, and crew and v-neck styles. Other features sometimes found in running shirts include zippered pockets and hidden straps to keep headphone wires in place.

What is a moisture wicking fabric ?

Wicking, refers to the ability of that fabric to move moisture away from the body and the fabric itself; the ability to breathe and keep the user's skin dry from sweat.

Wicking fabric, means that the fabric has tiny capillaries in it which are large enough to let moisture, like sweat, be pulled away from the skin and out and away. This can help keep the body dry and cool even when the person sweats from exertion.

Our high performance,technical,breathable fabric, will you keep you dry and comfortable all the day long. Do not worry about sweating anymore.

Wicking fabric is used in all manner of outdoor activities from running to hiking and is used across all seasons but is particularly effective in colder temperatures. It can act as a good insulator, in terms of heat, too. Ideal for sportswear, training wear, base layer, athletic wear etc.

Snow wash : how to give your T shirt that vintage worn look

The best T-Shirts aren’t the brand new ones, they’re the ones that are worn-in and soft from numerous washes. They have a bit of age to them. How to get such a favorite vintage T shirt ?

Below is the procedure of the snow wash :

1, Dip the dry rubber ball in potassium permanganate

2, Dry grind the T shirt with the rubber ball in the special rotary cylinders. During this process the potassium permanganate will fade the fabric at the contact point

3, Check the wash effects

4, Wash in the water

5, Neutralization with oxalic acid

6, Wash in the water

7, Apply softener

Then you can get your newly worn in vintage t shirt.

Please note, this has to be made by the professional wash factory, and during the sewing, you have to use a suitable ballpoint needles and change the needle in time. Otherwise, there is risk to damage your T shirt in the washing.

What is PEVA?

PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) is a non-chlorinated vinyl and is commonly used as a substitute for PVC(polyvinyl chloride) – which is a type of chlorinated vinyl. PVC is a known carcinogen and should generally be avoided where possible.

This material is seen to be a less toxic version of vinyl due to the fact that it is non-chlorinated (contains no chloride). So products manufactured from PEVA is considered to be a healthier alternative to PVC products.
Is PEVA Safe?
PEVA is considered to be a safe material because it is made without chloride, and free from phthalates, which are reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.

But you need to be aware that it still contains other chemicals that may be dangerous to human health. There are some studies that suggest that PEVA is, in fact, toxic to some living organisms.

In saying this though, if the choice were between a PVC item or a PEVA item – then the PEVA item would be preferable.


Is PEVA Recyclable?

PEVA is a highly recyclable plastic, and most modern plastic recycling facilities should be able to handle PEVA products.

Once the PEVA products usefulness is over, contact your local recycling facility to find out if they take items made from PEVA.


PEVA Products

Shower curtains
Cosmetic bags
Baby bibs
Plastic table coverings
Car covers