There are many kinds of fabrics for outdoor clothing. Which one is the most suitable for you?

In the selection of outdoor fabrics, there are six essential functions. Let's take a look at the six features:

Air permeability

The level of air permeability depends on the difficulty of fabric air circulation. Air permeability is an important consideration for any outdoor activity. Among them, the most important is the cover and seat. In sealed enclosures and covers, airtight fabrics can cause mildew. For the seat, the breathable cushion will be more comfortable, not stick to the hand, more comfortable in the hot summer.

Water resistance

Water resistance mainly depends on whether the water will turn into water droplets on the fabric. But there is a point, water resistance and air permeability is one after another. Generally speaking, fabrics with poor air permeability are more resistant to water, such as those that are impermeable, such as vinyl coated or laminated fabrics. Waterproof is very important for awning, waterproof clothing and yacht interior decoration.

Wear resistance

Wear resistance refers to the ability of a fabric to withstand wear under tension. Fabrics used for ship and outdoor use are usually heavy, stiff and usually coated with vinyl or other resins. This is mainly to achieve a softer appearance and feel, and to improve wear resistance.

UV resistance

UV resistance is probably the most important and simplest factor in outdoor fabrics. The higher the UV resistance, the longer the service life of the fabric in the sunlight. Many fabrics for sunlight are more important than those for shade.

Color fastness

The higher the color fastness of the fabric, the less likely the pattern will fade. The color fastness of fabric depends on its ability to maintain color for a long time in sunlight, rain and snow. Color fastness is more of an aesthetic factor. However, if bright colors are used for awnings, covers, mats, etc., color fastness must be considered. If the fabric is to be used in large quantities or exposed to the outside for a long time, the fabric with the printed pattern may fade over time.


Compared with indoor fabrics, the cleanliness of outdoor fabrics seems less important. But for outdoor fabrics, cleanliness will affect its service life. Cleanliness, in fact, is to remove the dirt in the fabric.

If not cleaned, mold will remain on the fabric and continue to grow on the dirt. Like that one-sided coated fabric is not very clean, so this kind of fabric should pay special attention to some.

Post time: Aug-28-2020