Leisure clothing can be generally divided into avant-garde leisure, sports leisure, romantic leisure, business leisure and rural leisure.


1. Avant garde casual wear:


Avant-garde casual wear, also known as fashion casual wear, is the mainstream of popular ready-made clothing, which fully reflects the design style, design creativity and guides the fashion direction. In the era of leisure fashion, fashion designers in the world's major fashion capitals release the so-called high-end fashion and high-end ready-made clothes to the world twice a year, most of which are avant-garde style casual wear. The common feature of avant-garde casual wear is that a large number of new or innovative fabrics are used, the style is different, the shape is avant-garde, and the color and pattern are unique. In order to meet the taste of the new fashion people and guide the cutting-edge fashion, we try our best to reflect the uniqueness of the brand style and design creativity. In the market, the urban style leisure wear with different fashion consumption groups and aesthetic orientation also belongs to this kind of clothing, but its adaptability is much wider, and the style will not be too different.

2. Sportswear:


Sportswear is not necessarily the sportswear for competition worn by professional athletes, but a kind of sportswear with sportsmanship. Sports casual wear is designed to meet certain sports functions, which can show the feeling and vigorous style of sports in leisure sports. The shape of sportswear is often close to the way of sports, with moderate tightness, bright color, easy to stretch and good performance. Its shape, function and dynamic have always been favored by the public, especially teenagers. Based on the popular aesthetic concept, sportswear focuses on the quality of surface materials, cutting technology and the success or failure of brand operation mode to determine the market value of products.

3. Romantic casual wear:


Romantic casual wear is a kind of casual clothing with romantic sentiment. The so-called girl's wear, lady's wear and some household casual wear are typical categories in the market. The common characteristics of romantic casual wear are soft and smooth lines, rich colors, wide and large modeling image, soft and sweet cream style, tender and lovely cartoon patterns, and a large number of decorative elements such as lace, bow, wave durian, embroidery and other decorative elements are widely used to create a super realistic romantic atmosphere and leisure style.


4. Business casual wear:

business casual wear, also known as professional casual wear, is a seemingly contradictory term, but from the current situation of modern people's clothing, even in rigorous and formal business occasions, the integration of leisure style is inevitable. Therefore, business casual wear can be seen as a variation of business dress, which is the organic combination of formal dress modeling and popular leisure elements. The design of this kind of clothing basically maintains the modeling outline and basic style of the formal dress. It focuses on the structural details, component elements, color, fabric, and technological methods to make certain adjustments, so as to properly integrate the popular elements of leisure style into the business dress, so as to achieve the rigorous but not rigid, orthodox and unconventional effect, so as to enhance the affinity in work.

5. Country casual wear:


Country style casual wear is the longest leisure wear in history. In fact, the clothes worn by the country gentlemen in the 19th century were the prototype of modern leisure wear, especially in the field of men's wear. The simple material, casual and comfortable modeling and free style of coarse ore have become the true feelings of people returning to nature and advocating nature. Rural casual wear is a kind of leisure clothing worn by modern urban people with rural sentiment, which reflects the modern people's nostalgia complex. Driven by the region, times and personal aesthetic feelings, rural leisure clothes are embodied in different forms in the market, such as "national style leisure wear", "folk style leisure wear", "tourism and holiday outdoor leisure wear".

Post time: Aug-28-2020