The fall is coming already, you should plan for your fall outdoor clothing . There are a wide range you should consider : the base layers, jumpers, a rain coat, windbreakers, fleece jackets etc.


To choose a base layer, you should choose the performance fabric, such moisture wicking, quick dry, breathable, which should be of excellent properties to keep you dry and comfortable. The suggest fabric is polyester blend with spandex or nylon. It will meet your needs for sports purpose or for a leisure activities.


A jumper or a sweatshirt is a good choice for the fall season. When the temperature falls, you need a slim fit and warm clothing. You can choose a jumper or sweatshirt, hoodie. Mostly they are made from a middle weight cotton ,or cotton/poly or polyester fabric. Inner is French terry twill or micro brushed. At the early fall mornings, it is a good choice.


The windbreaker jacket, made from a single-layer nylon or polyester material, is intended to provide warmth and insulation in windy weather. They are made from advanced materials that help you stay dry even in wet conditions. Fully sealed seams offer additional protection from the elements. A windbreaker is a light jacket that is close-fitting and often tailored with an elasticized waistband and wristbands. It is a useful outdoor clothing that is both wind and water resistant. Windbreakers are useful when hunting, camping, or mounting climbing during the fall season.


When fall is coming and the temperature begins to take a dive, you need a warm, soft & comfortable fleece jacket to get you through the cold months. The fleece jacket, made from micro fleece, non-pilling polyester, is a good choice for all of your everyday activities. It is great on its own on those cool days, and it can be a base layer when things are get really cold.

Fabric weight ranges from 160gsm to 450gsm in different colors - solid color, camouflage color, heather color. Suitable for morning hike, fishing, hunting, skiing, casual, work coat in the fall times.


Hope this article will help you if you are hesitated to buy your Fall Clothing.

Post time: Aug-28-2020